"I was born by the first idea of movement  of the dance certainly came from the rhythm of the waves..." Isadora Duncan  

"The beauty of a composed intricacy of form; and how it may be said… To lead the Eye a kind of Chase" William Hogarth 

"Water stirs something very deep and  ancient in the human heart. It satisfies us in a more intimate way the other elements. Our eyes and hearts follow  it's rhythm as if the flow of water  were the mirror where time becomes obliquely visible. The image of water can hold such longing.  The far away  force of the moon that draws the tides to dance  is a vivid metaphor for the passionate kinship of the elements that stirs  across infinite distance." John O'Donohue

From the shores of the Great Lakes the crashing, churning rolling waves tumbles and sings as it takes all the treasures of the beach and washes them into smooth wonders. This collection features hours of treasures, beach glass, pioneer porcelain, ships ware, ancient pottery, flint, rocks and shell from historic hidden areas where the first settlers played, ships lay way, and ancient People sang. There's is no end to the beauty found here from which creations are hand made that will adorn you or your loved one. Wire wrapped, or drilled lots of new made from old upcycled  Renewed art. 

Canadian artist TR Jackson designed handcrafted wearable art one of a kind historic hidden beach finds. 


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