Recovery Line Collection

Words of love to guide the heart, “Above all else to thine own self be true”,  inspiring the Imram journey of the spirit, the Recovery Line encourages our spirit to heal and trust in our Higher Power. Inspired by 12 step programs these creations feature the serenity prayer, slogans and inspirational designs to remind us of our daily contact with God. These are unique handmade items using wood burning, leather tooling, embroidery paints, metal stamping and hand engraving with unique imperfections associated with hand work. Leather and metal cuffs individually engraved, stamped ID style cuffs, dog tag necklaces, little wooden signs, Cup cozies, 7th traditions pencil craft tool, or makeup  bags,  placemats and more for inexpensive gift ideas. Daily reminders for  AA, Allanon, AOA, and 12 step programs , you are not alone in your people love.

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